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The UFO is the latest in flying toy tech! It flies and floats about, avoidin walls and obstacles (even you). Just toss it wherever and it’ll start doing it’s thing. It might or might not abduct you, no promises.

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three ufos

Meet the gang!

The UFO comes in three snazzy colors. If you have hard time choosing, don’t be afraid to take the whole gang home with you. They’re friends after all.

blue ufo perspective

Ever wished your toys would avoid you when you get close to them? Ever wanted to fake having Force™ push powers? Want to give your kids something to be mesmerized about before they tear it to shreds? Well now you can have all these things!

Don’t let the shiny coating fool you, that thing is actually pretty elastic. If you give it a gentle squeeze, the chassis will flex.

blue ufo closeups 2

Sensors all over

The UFO has sensors on its side to let it sense the surroundings – scoff at them – and fly the other way. There’s also one at the bottom so it can keep a sensible distance from the ground.


USB charging

There’s also a charging port there somewhere. The other end of the charging cable is a regular USB connector so you can stick it in your computer or power adapter. It’s no coincidence that that’s what aliens also use to juice their ship up. After all the U in USB stands for Universal. Makes all kinds of sense when you think about it.


Charge it for about thirty minutes for about eight minutes flight time.

red ufo bottom

This is the view you’ll be seeing when it flies back to outer space.


By carefully eyeballing the UFO you can deduce that the diameter is 11 centimeters. That’s about 4.3 inches in freedom units. It also looks to be 5 cm thick from the middle. That’s 2 inches.



When I was a pup all we had to play with was a stick… A stick!


Well Charles, the times they are a-changing. Good thing we have some options these days. I would’ve loved to have one of these myself when I was a kid. The gizmos these days are getting pretty advanced. I can’t believe you can get stuff like this for next to nothing.

Now you, my dear internet shopper, go back up there and get the whole gang. I bet the kids will be ecstatic when they get a gift as neat as this.